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Profiles in Style

A Day in the Life of...Carlos Flores of Mario Diab Salon

A Day in the Life of...Denis DaSilva of Devachan Salon

A Day in the Life of...Christo, Curl Expert & Celebrity Stylist

Tress Tamers Who Defy Tradition

Beauty Features

8 Simple Rules to Becoming the Perfect Curly Client

Eco-Friendly Blogs: A Beauty Breakdown

One Man's Hair-Raising Effort to Help a Sick Friend

A New Mane-Stream Image of Beauty

Playing it Straight: The Hidden Motivations

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Untangling Curl Bias in Corporate America

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Eat, Curl, Live: NYC Trio Find Their Way Out of the Curly Closet


The Wedding Dress and the 'Do

Inside New York's Fashion Week: A Backstage Pass

Curls & Clothes: 4 Simple Rules to a Flawless Fashion Fit

Beauty Ingredients In-depth

Top Five Ingredients for Moisture & More

Understanding Organic

Balm Mint: The Healing Herb

The Beauty of Jojoba

Glycerin: A Nearly Ubiquitous Ingredient

Style Strategies

3 Ways to Save Big on Salon Visits

Common Curly Salon Disasters - and How to Avoid Them

Secrets to Safe Straightening

10 Money-Saving Tips to Stretch Your Beauty Budget

3 Ways to Holiday Party Curls

Five Healthy Habits for Sumptuous Summer Curls

Chic, Superfast Styles for Beach-Bound Curlies

5 Simple Ways to Stay Stylish - And Save the Planet

Tips to Match Your Curly Style with your Lifestyle

Is your Stylist Clueless? Top 10 Clues to Finding a Savvy Stylist

Kids & Teens

Must-Follow Hair Rules for Back to School

Curls 101: Teaching Tykes to Manage Their Manes

Why Can't I Look Like You? Advice for Parents of Biracial Curlies

Five Steps to Raising a Confident Curly